Where to buy Daniel Wellington in South Africa

When selecting a new watch for your wardrobe, you often pay extra for a simple look and feel. Now, Daniel Wellington watches have reached our shores and make the minimalist trend readily accessible. Shop Daniel Wellington in South Africa with Watch Finder, SA’s largest online watch store.
Every Daniel Wellington timepiece sold by Watch Finder offers a durable Japanese quartz movement, brushed stainless steel case and refined design features like slim hands and rose-gold details. Best of all, Daniel Wellington watches offer interchangeable straps for ultimate versatility. Finally, it’s possible to wear a unique timepiece every day of the week without maxing out your credit card…

Daniel Wellington in South Africa: Men’s Watches

Daniel Wellington Classic Collection

The Classic Collection from Daniel Wellington South Africa offers timeless men’s watches with 40mm cases. If you like the NATO canvas watch strap that first made Daniel Wellington famous, the Daniel Wellington Classic Oxford Men’s pairs a jaunty blue-and-red canvas strap with classic stainless steel casing and slick index hour markers. Prefer a more sophisticated option? The Daniel Wellington Classic York Men’s features a dark brown crocodile leather strap and trendy rose-gold casing.


Daniel Wellington in South Africa: Women’s Watches

Daniel Wellington Classy Collection

The Classy Collection from Daniel Wellington South Africa offers minimalist women’s watches with feminine details. If you’re looking for a glamorous accessory, opt for the compact 26mm Classy St Mawes Ladies watch. This timepiece pairs a chic leather strap with a feminine Swarovski crystal index to add the perfect finishing touch to every outfit. The Classy Glasgow Ladies offers a 34mm casing paired with the classic canvas strap that inspired influencers worldwide and made Daniel Wellington a household name. If you’re after something a little more vibrant, purchase the Classy Southhampton watch strap in elegant pink-and-blue canvas or the Classy Warwick watch strap striped in green and blue.

A guide to the best Seiko watches for men

Shop the latest styles of Seiko watches for men with Watch Finder. This Japanese watch brand has a legacy as a key timekeeping innovator always pushing the boundaries of what is possible. Here are our favourite Seiko watches for men to help you decide which collection suits your needs:

Seiko watches for men from the Solar collection

The Solar collection features Seiko watches for men with environmentally conscious design. Powered by light, these Seiko watches convert all types of light into energy, with no battery replacement ever required. If you enjoy an all-black aesthetic, opt for the Seiko Solar SNE247P1 with a black dial and black ion-painted steel casing. If you prefer a classic men’s watch with an eco-friendly spin, the Seiko Solar SNE377P1 offers a solar-powered timepiece housed in a sleek titanium casing.

Seiko watches for men from the Chronograph collection

The Chronograph collection features practical Seiko watches for men with refined design features. These timepieces can run like a stopwatch and are perfect for on-the-go lifestyles. The Seiko Chronograph SSB165P1 makes a handy companion with functional features like a tachymeter, stainless steel bracelet and 100m water resistance. If you’re looking for a classic men’s chronograph to add to your collection, the Seiko Chronograph Chronograph SSB169P1 pairs a sophisticated brown leather strap with a 41mm stainless steel case.

Seiko watches for men from the Neo Sport collection

The Neo Sport collection features sporty Seiko watches for men with a contemporary twist. These timepieces combine qualities that appeal to active gentlemen with sophisticated elements for a more luxurious feel. If you’re looking for an edgy accessory, the all-black Seiko Neo Sport SSB179P1 features a chronograph dial and black ion-painted steel casing. If you enjoy classic men’s watches, stainless steel casing and a chronograph dial characterise the Seiko Neo Sport SKS515P1.

Top Fossil Watches for Ladies

Shop the latest styles of Fossil watches for ladies with Watch Finder. Fossil offers quality watches at affordable prices, making it easy to keep up to date with the latest trends. Here are our favourite Fossil fashion watches for women:

Fossil Watches for Ladies from the Boyfriend Collection

The Boyfriend collection offers oversized Fossil watches for ladies. These timepieces feature a 38mm polished steel case, chronograph dial and classic leather strap. For a stylish monochromatic accessory, choose the Fossil Boyfriend ES4007 with a white dial and black leather strap. If you enjoy earthy tones, opt for the Fossil Boyfriend ES3625 with a silver dial and natural leather strap. If statement watches inspire you, select the Fossil Boyfriend ES3838 with rose-gold casing and a blue leather strap.

Fossil Watches for Ladies from the Fossil Tailor Collection

The Tailor collection offers the most glamorous Fossil watches for ladies. These timepieces combine a minimalist aesthetic with fashion-forward features that add a feminine touch to every outfit. If you like minimalist accessories, the Fossil Tailor ES4007 pairs a rose-gold case and beige leather band with a white satin-finish dial. If you’re into a more extravagant timepiece, the Fossil Tailor ES4052 features a crystal-set bezel, rose gold case and indigo leather strap. If you’re after a classic steel ladies watch, the Fossil Tailor ES3712 pairs a seven-link bracelet with steel plating and an eye-catching spirographic dial.

Fossil Watches for Ladies from the Fossil Jacqueline Collection

The Jacqueline collection features sophisticated Fossil watches for ladies. Slim steel casing, Roman numeral dial and leather band make elegant timepieces that are easy to wear. For a watch that transitions seamlessly from the office to after-hours, opt for the Fossil Jacqueline Cedar ES3842 with rose-gold casing, a white dial and brown leather strap. If you enjoy an all-white aesthetic, choose the Fossil Jacqueline ES3793 with a white dial and white leather strap complemented by stainless steel casing.

Fossil Watches for Ladies from the Fossil Gwynn Collection

The Gwynn collection offers understated Fossil watches for ladies. As functional as they are elegant, these timepieces feature a chronograph movement, Arabic dial and leather strap. If you’re after an everyday accessory, enjoy the earthy tones of the Fossil Gwynn ES4039 with a brown dial and tan leather band. If you enjoy chic statement watches, opt for the Fossil Gwynn ES4040 with rose-gold casing and a blue leather strap.

The Fossil Gentlemen

If you’re looking for a timepiece that’s stylish, mature and will last a lifetime (with care of course) then Fossil is the brand for you. Fossil is a brand that draws from vintage styling but still creates watches perfect for the modern man. With a variety of products on www.watchfinder.co.za, let’s take a closer look at the Fossil family.

1)      Fossil Grant
The Fossil Grant is a staple in the Fossil Men’s collection. The Grant watch is an exceptional investment that can be worn anywhere and anytime. The Roman numerals are inspired by vintage clocks and the materials and accents add that modern touch.

Fossil Grant Mens WatchFossil Grant Watch

2)      Fossil Machine
The Fossil machine watch is inspired by the industrial innovation of 1950’s America. It provides functionality but still has that ‘cool’ factor.

Fossil Machine WatchFossil Machine Watch

3)      Fossil Nate
The Fossil Nate offers eye-catching details and true to the Fossil brand, offers flawless functionality as well. With a laidback and rugged style, the Fossil Nate is a perfect weekend companion.

fossil-nate2 Fossil Nate Mens Watch

4)       Fossil Pilot
Inspired by the flight instruments in an airplane’s cockpit, the Fossil Pilot is a combination of aviation with modern-day innovation and has a stopwatch function.

Fossil Pilot Mens Watch Fossil Pilot Mens Watch

5)      Fossil Sport
The Fossil Sport draws inspiration from racing, taking you back to classic details of vintage race cars.

Fossil Sport Mens Watch Fossil Sport Mens Watch

6)      Fossil Decker
The Fossil Decker is inspired by the Texas Flight Museum and combines aviation elements with modern designs.

Fossil Dekker Mens Watch Fossil Dekker Mens Watch

7)       Fossil Coachman
The Coachman is built to outlast any trend with its ageless style, a true investment piece that will become one of your favourite watches to wear.

Fossil Coachman Mens Watch


8)      Fossil Dean
With it’s oversized gears and readable dial, the Fossil Dean has a clean and classic shape. A watch that should be added to every classic man’s collection.

Fossil Mens Dean Watch

9)      Fossil Townsman
The Townsman is distinctive with its minimalist dial, whether you need a watch for work or play the Townsman is your answer.

Fossil Townsman Mens Watch Fossil Townsman Mens Watch